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Downtown Oakland provides both employees and businesses a home with all the essential amenities, a unique flavor, and let’s face it, the best weather. According to SPUR, Oakland is expected to add 85,260 new jobs from 2010 to 2040, representing 45% growth. Because Downtown Oakland is a hub of art, culture, fine dining, shopping, entertainment, and open space it is an ideal place for your business. The newest generation of skilled labor is looking for an exciting and vibrant place to call home. The median home price in Oakland is half of that of neighboring San Francisco.

Situated at the geographic center of the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland is the largest of the East Bay cities. Downtown Oakland benefits from immediate access to rail, air, sea, and freeway transportation as well as 19 miles of coastline to the west, and magnificent rolling hills to the east. Downtown Oakland is a unique and beautiful setting in a central location.

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FEATURED BUSINESS I own boutique PR agency Ruby Press and wrote a city guide/travel book about Oakland called "This is Oakland: A Guide to the City's Most Interesting Places". At Ruby Press, we provide public relations services for lifestyle clients around the globe (and here in Oakland!), including those in the food/beverage, design, fashion, and beauty industries.

Oakland’s labor pool ranks eighth in the United States in overall educational achievement. More than one-third of Oakland residents have a college degree – twice the national average. Oakland’s star is continuing to rise as a nationally renowned tech hub. In recent accolades, the city was ranked #3 among “Best Startup Cities in America” (Popular Mechanics, February 2015); #5 among the “Top 10 Cities for Tech Entrepreneurs” (National MoneyTree Report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers), and #7 in the nation for venture capital investment with 97 deals, and just under $1.2 billion as of December 2014 (National Venture Capital Association).

There are an estimated 300 startups here with an average valuation of $4.3 million. Oakland also boasts the 2nd highest number of women in tech among the country’s 17 tech centers, according to RJ Metrics.

Oakland has many resources, both public and private, whether you are starting, growing, or relocating your business. From the Economic Development Department in the City to Impact HUB Oakland, a small business incubator and co-working space, you can find what you need to successfully launch your business. The Oakland Business Assistance Center has classes and assistance in most every aspect of starting and running your business including financing, marketing, going green, taxes, licenses, permits, and technology. They also have a resources guide for doing business in Oakland. The Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce also provides assistance to new and existing businesses. Small businesses like Localwise are working to help Oakland businesses and Bay Area job creators find great employees from their community of local job seekers.

Meet the neighbors

Downtown Oakland houses a variety of businesses from our fine dining to non-profits and green tech. With well over 50 businesses recognized by the Bay Area Green Business Program and many of the highest profile green businesses calling Downtown Oakland home, it’s clear that being green isn’t just a trend. Our concentration of non-profit organizations showcases Oakland’s philanthropic and activist spirit. Groups like 2.Oakland are working to maintain a healthy ecosystem for the varied tech companies that have chosen Oakland for their business. For more information about Oakland’s businesses, click here.

Find your space

If you are interested in moving your business to Oakland, there are a variety of spaces available. A friendly space for retail and service based businesses both large and small Downtown Oakland has a space for you. The Kaiser Center (300 Lakeside Drive) has a variety of spaces just steps from Lake Merritt and the 19th Street BART station, while City Square and 1111 Broadway offer space in City Center close to City Hall and the 12th Street BART station. If you are looking for something with more flexibility, a coworking space might be the right fit for you. According to Forbes, “In addition to WiFi, fax, conference rooms, kitchen and snack-prep areas; these ‘rental’ business studios also offer new companies the opportunity to rub elbows with others in their world. The coworking space industry has seen growth in recent years and that swell is only going to continue.” Downtown Oakland is home to many coworking spaces including Impact HUB Oakland, Oakstop, and the Port Workspaces.